Transience & The SFR Market

This morning Brian Honea over at DS News posted an article about one of the factors supporting the growing Single Family Rental market:  flexibility. This is precisely the point about which we’ve wondered aloud here at Avenue 365. It’s a fascinating cultural trend to think about, especially when you consider all the minutiae that have played into this cultural development. For instance, in order for our culture to become more transient, travel and commuting has to have improved and advanced to a point where it’s not seen as a negative aspect of any particular job. And the ability to be “digitally present” makes location a far less important part of an occupation. Both of those things have served to shrink our understanding of time and distance, so planting yourself in a specific location, buying or building a home close to your job, and remaining there for the majority of your life is no longer how many of us view the workplace. That opens our culture up to moving from place to place with greater frequency, leaving traditional ideas about home ownership in the past.

Great article, Brian. And this is certainly something SFR investors are banking on.

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