You CAN Always Get What You Want

Not to ruffle Mr. Jagger’s feathers, but we disagree: You CAN always get what you want.The Glastonbury Festival 2013

Not necessarily in life in general (sorry!). But if you’re auditing your files and discover some important title documents are missing from a refinance or purchase you closed, you can always find what you want on our website using our Order Tracking tool.

When you order title from Avenue 365, we automatically connect your files to your online profile. So not only can you log in and view your entire pipeline in process, but you can also access files that closed long ago. On many occasions we have received calls from a lender’s back office, trying to hunt down documents they misplaced. We love that we’re able to tell them the good news:  Log in to our website and download any document you need! Final policies, signed documents, etc. When we’re on-boarding a new client, that piece of information is usually music to their post-closing and legal departments’ ears.

Contact us today and ask how you can take advantage of our online tools.

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