“Calc You Later.”

Calculators are never a hot subject at social gatherings. They, perhaps deservedly, are relegated to the realm of nerdery. But we make sure and speak about ours wherever we go, because we think it’s a super helpful tool for our clients.Calculater

We STILL hear stories from clients who come to us from using title companies where quotes were not instant nor guaranteed. Thus, their borrowers were forced to wait longer for an accurate disclosure of the cost to refinance, and even then the costs weren’t guaranteed by the title company. Should they change their fees on the final HUD, it caused all kinds of GFE tolerance losses. At Avenue 365, quotes are both instant and guaranteed. Our online calculator provides our clients with instant access to nationwide calculations on title insurance premium, endorsements, mortgage taxes, recording costs, CPL fees, etc. You can get a very accurate number regarding the costs associated with title. Additionally, we guarantee our calculator so that you can be at peace, knowing that if there is a glitch in our calculator, the responsibility is on Avenue 365 to match the quote you pulled. If you are originating in multiple states, a calculator like ours is a must.


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