No Bull on Broad: Training Update

We’re in the home stretch. Sunday, May 3, at 8:00 a.m., the months of training, smack talk, unsportsmanlike glares, and competitive buildup will comeheated moment to a head at the Broad Street Run. Our athletes and their short-shorts will take their marks and lay everything on the line…the finish line.

Last week I walked into a highly tense confrontation between the runners. After reminding them that the spirit of their duel is for charity, both parties calmed down enough to talk numbers. As competitive luck would have it, Rich and Mike are both running at the exact same minute-per-mile average (8:49) based on their last two runs. This can only mean one thing:  the race should be close and the men’s record of 45:14 set by Patrick Cheruiyot is very safe.


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